Through an extensive list of programs, Tisch College brings the knowledge, skills, and habits of active citizenship to every student at all schools of Tufts University. Scroll down or navigate through the link on the left to learn more about student programs offered and supported by Tisch College.

Tisch Scholars
This innovative multi-year leadership program develops core civic skills so that students can be leaders for civic engagement and catalysts for change. Students start by taking a course that builds knowledge and skills to understand community assets, identify root causes of an issue, enter communities as an outsider and manage projects. In collaboration with local organizations, Scholars work to create positive change, engage University resources and build capacity in Tufts’ partner communities and beyond. The program is developmental, consciously building new levels of knowledge, skills and behaviors year-by-year. Learn more | Back to top

Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement 
CEF provides financial and advisory support to individual students and student groups who engage in active citizenship work during the academic year. CEF encourages existing Tufts student groups and organizations to integrate active citizenship into their activities, while supporting community identified needs. Learn more | Back to top

Tisch Summer Fellows (TSF)
ACS provides unique summer fellowship opportunities for Tufts students. These Tisch Fellows actively partake in building stronger communities and societies. ACS opportunities are available through Project PERIS Somerville, Washington DC, and the International program.Learn more | Back to top

Common Reading Program
Since summer 2006, Tisch College and the Committee for Undergraduate Orientation has sent each entering undergraduate a book for summer reading, selected by the current Tufts community. This program fosters a shared intellectual experience which provides a foundation for critical thinking and a connection to active citizenship.  Learn more | Back to top

Connecting Alumni and Student Experiences (CASE) Network
The CASE Network connects students with alumni mentors to support a student’s summer learning experience and to offer alumni the opportunity to contribute back to Tufts, their community, and motivated students. Learn more | Back to top

Honos Civicus Society
The Honos Civicus Society is a growing network of Tufts alumni who are life long active citizens. During their undergraduate years each member excelled in Tufts academics and co-curricular activities that shaped their development as active citizens. The society recognizes students from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and areas of engagement. Learn more | Back to top

Active Citizenship in the Curriculum
Through courses taught by Tufts Faculty, Tisch College Senior Fellows, and Tisch College staff, many students gain knowledge and skills of active citizenship directly though their course of study. This includes public policy courses that are required at some Tufts graduate schools, as well as electives and core courses offered as part of undergraduate majors. Learn More |Back to top

Active Citizenship in Residential Halls
Tisch College works with the Tufts Office of Residential Life and Learning, to train all Resident Assistants (RAs) in integrating active citizenship into residence hall activities. Learn more | Back to top

Building Understanding through International Learning and Development (BUILD)
(BUILD) is an interdisciplinary student-led program of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University. BUILD seeks to educate and immerse students in the theory and practice of sustainable development by partnering with rural communities in the developing world to research and implement sustainable initiatives for human, social, and economic development. Learn more | Back to top

Center for Engineering Educational Outreach (CEEO)
A leader in supporting efforts to integrate engineering into K-12 education, CEEO teaches students how to design solutions by combining individual experiences and math/science knowledge. Learn more | Back to top

Presidential Awards for Citizenship and Public Service
All graduating Tufts students are eligible to be nominated for this award which recognizes outstanding students who are dedicated to active citizenship and public service. Each year President Bacow presents awards to 6 undergraduate and 6 graduate students from across the University. Back to top

Science Elementary School Education Partnership (SEEP)

SEEP is offered each semester as part of the Tufts Experimental College. Tufts students volunteer in Somerville and Medford elementary school classes to help teach science to children. Tisch College provides funding for the SEEP teacher. Back to top

Student Teacher Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP)
STOMP, co-sponsored by Tisch College and CEEO, places about 35 engineering students in public elementary school classrooms each semester. Learn more | Back to top

Tufts-Schweitzer Fellowship
Supported by Tisch College and the health sciences schools, Tufts-Schweitzer Fellowship is an initiative of Tufts’ health sciences schools that enables Tufts graduate students to engage in health-related community service projects in underserved communities. Back to top

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
EWB designs sustainable development projects for communities around the world, engages engineering and liberal arts students and faculty, and ultimately aims to improve standards of living and empower communities. Learn more | Back to top

Hillel Social Justice Program

Hillel and Tisch collaborate on programs of action and dialogue that aim to strengthen values and skills relating to social justice — symposia, an annual Social Justice Shabbat, and policy advocacy training. Learn more | Back to top

Institute for Political Citizenship (IPC)/Tufts Votes!
Founded and managed by Tufts undergraduates, IPC seeks to educate and motivate students to engage in state and local government, shape policies that address local community needs, and to build their understanding of the connection between politics (electing people) and policy. Learn more | Back to top

Jumpstart is a national early education organization that inspires children to learn, adults to teach, families to get involved, and communities to progress together with the goal of enabling every child in America to enter school prepared to succeed. Tisch College hosts Jumpstart at Tufts. Over 60 Tufts undergraduates participate as Jumpstart leaders each year. Learn more | Back to top

Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS)
A highly active student-run volunteer organization, LCS supports active citizenship and community services through programs ranging from after-school assistance to annual fund-raisers for Somerville community organizations. Learn more | Back to top

Tufts Literacy Corps (TLC)
TLC supports Tufts’ commitment to public service by providing training and supervision to 75 students who work with children in the Medford and Somerville schools with learning difficulties. Learn more | Back to top