Welcome to Tisch College!

Everyone at Tufts is part of Tisch College

We support every Tufts student in maximizing his or her positive impact with communities on and off campus. Through advocacy, research, service, and other opportunities, we look forward to partnering with you to identify engaging courses and activities that match your interests.

There are countless Tufts courses and co-curricular activities to help you develop the skills and knowledge of active citizenship. To help get you started, here are are some ways you can get involved as soon as you get on campus.

Stay up to date on current opportunities by joining our mailing list and by liking us on Facebook. If you have any questions, please contact us at activecitizen@tufts.edu.

Read Your Summer Book

All incoming students will receive Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do, by Claude M. Steele. Conversations about the reading will help you connect with new people when you come to campus.

For more information visit our Common Book page

Apply to be a Tisch Scholar

The Tisch Scholars program is the signature program for student leaders at Tisch College. Look for applications in the fall of your freshman year to participate in this multi-year program.

For more information, please visit the Tisch Scholars page

Take a Course

Tisch College has compiled a course guide to help students identify courses which teach the knowledge, skills or values of active citizenship.

For more information, please visit our Course Guide

Work with your RA and ACE Fellow

Resident Assistants integrate active citizenship into hall activities. Academic and Community Engagement (ACE) Fellows provide academic and civic engagement support to new Jumbos throughout their first year on campus.

For more information contact the RA or ACE Fellow in your residence.

Join the Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS)

The largest student group on campus, LCSsupports active citizenship and community service through a range of programs.

For more information visit LCS

Work with Jumpstart

Every year, 60 Tufts undergraduates participate in this national early education organization that inspires children to learn, adults to teach, and families to get involved.

For more information contact Jessica Bryson, Jumpstart Site Manager at Jessica.Bryson@tufts.edu.

Student Teacher Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP)

STOMP places about 35 engineering students in public elementary school classrooms each semester.

For more information visit Tufts STOMP

Institute for Political Citizenship (IPC)

Founded and managed by Tufts students, IPC educates and motivates students to engage in state and local government, shape policies that address local community needs, and to connect politics and policy.

For more information visit IPC

Fan the Fire

Fan the Fire supports student athletes and their public service work.

For more information visit Fan the Fire

Learn More About Tufts Host Communities

Tisch College’s Lincoln Filene Center has many resources to help you connect with Tufts’ host communities of Medford, Somerville, Boston’s Chinatown and Grafton.

For more information stop by our office or visit the Lincoln Filene Center