FairVote: The Center for Voting and Democracy


FairVote educates and enlivens discourse on how best to remove the structural barriers to a democracy that respects every voice and every vote in every election.

Overall Goals, Type of Work, Population Served, Work Site, Etc
Grounded in its unique networks, analysis, strategic insight and body of research, FairVote acts as a catalyst for electoral reform and voting rights through regular engagement with scholars, journalists, civic leaders, policymakers, and state and local reformers. Examples of FairVote’s pivotal role in introducing and drawing attention to innovative reforms include the attention now given to ranked choice voting, the National Popular Vote plan for president, voter preregistration for young people, universal voter registration, a constitutional right to vote, and fair representation voting forms of proportional representation. FairVote sees these proposals as essential building blocks for the higher voter turnout, fairer representation and wider spectrum of ballot choices necessary to achieve a just society – one in which most Americans can elect representatives and hold them accountable, in which city voters are as important as suburban voters, in which people of color and women are as likely to win representation as white men and in which campaigns provide opportunities for substantive debate about a full range of policy ideas.

Fellowship Title
Advocacy Intern

Fellowship Details
Advocacy and communications staff and interns at FairVote help the organization raise the profile of electoral issues and advance specific policies goals through digital organizing and outreach to legislators. Interns will work closely with fellows and staff on various forms of outreach and communications, including but not limited to: assisting volunteers advocating for election reform on the local level, media relations, online organizing, list building, supporter management, social media, and blogging.

Required Skills and Experience
Writing, social media, interpersonal communications, creative and critical thinking, administration, Word, Excel, Gmail products. Experience with nonprofits, campaigns, and government, a plus. Experience in writing and editing. Experience with databases. A history of conducting research.

New Skills the Fellow will Gain

  • Proficiency with Adobe products
  • Basic skills in communications and blog writing
  • Database and website management

New Experience the Fellow will Gain

  • Visit to the Department of Justice
  • Weekly office lunches with speakers
  • FairVote sponsored networking events

Tufts Alumni Connection

Patricia Hart, Project Manager

Supervisor Position Description
The Project Manager runs FairVote’s advocacy programs and handles outreach and media strategies for the organization.

Start and End Dates (10 weeks)
June 2, 2014-August 8, 2014

Fellowship Weekly Schedule

Flexible Scheduling

*It is mandatory for fellows to attend all CASE Network events.
Events begin roughly the first week of June and end the last week of July. Each fellow attends 2-3 events per week (approximately 5 hours total). Events often occur during the workday and fellows are required to make up missed hours by arriving early or staying late at their placement.

For more information
If you have additional questions, please contact Danica Tisdale Fisher, Tisch College Program Administrator at 617.627.4845 or Danica.Fisher@tufts.edu.