As part of its mission to facilitate collaboration between university and community partners, TCRC provides seed funding annually to proposals that both ask a research question of interest to the community partner and report results back to the community. Listed below are the projects that have received TCRC funding in the past; click the links to view project aims, outcomes, and reports.

  1. Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health (CAFEH)
  2. Assessing and Prevention Obesity among New Immigrants
  3. Motivating Action to Address Climate Change by the Residential Sector at the Community Level
  4. Nuestro Futuro Saludable: The Jamaica Plain Partnership for Healthy Caribbean Latino Youth
  5. Immigrant Youth: Health and Resilience
  6. Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK)
  7. Cultivate Your Food Economy: Community Tools and Data for Building a New Food Economy
  8. Measuring phosphorus loads in Alewife Brook
  9. Mitigating the stress effects of racism on health through healing, education, and empowerment
  10. Increasing Utilization of Preventive Care in Asian American Women in Massachusetts

Student and Community Experiences

Many students and community partners have been involved and contributed greatly to past and current projects. Read more about their projects and experiences here.