Compilations of Community-Engaged Research at Tufts 

  1. Inventory of Community Research at Tufts, 2007
  2. In 2010, for its eighth annual Presidential Symposium, Tisch College compiled a list of some of the community-engaged research projects taking place around the university (Compilation of Community-Engaged Research at Tufts, 2010)

Presidential Search Letter
Click here to read a letter TCRC submitted to the presidential search committee in 2010, outlining some of the groups major accomplishments and urging the committee to continue to uphold the civic engagement agenda of previous Tufts president Larry Bacow.

Ways to Speed Up Payments to Community partners:

Based on a meeting with Peter Barone and Peggy Newell by Doug Brugge, October 20, 2009

1) For individuals with whom we are working, consultancy agreements will be much slower than hiring as part time temporary employees.  Consultancy agreements are usually paid 30 days after being submitted which could, in turn, be weeks after the work was begun.  In contrast, PT temporary employees are paid weekly, submitting their hours at the end of a week of work and receiving a direct deposit the following week.  So as long as the hiring department and HR agree to hiring employees on this basis, it is a viable option to speed up payments.

2) For payments to community-based organizations with whom we are partnering, it is possible to set the payment term for the “vender,” (the CBO) as immediate rather than 30 days on a case-by-case basis.  This would be done when setting up the agreement so that it applies going forward.  The only wrinkle might be that if the vender is being paid off a grant, sponsored programs still has to approve the payment, which is an additional step.  This, however, should not be a significant delay if the vender is listed in the budget of the grant.

Miscellaneous Reports

Doug Brugge’s Talk at the American Association of Colleges & Universities Conference in DC, January 2010

Interview with TCRC, 2007

Annual Reports

Annual Report, 2007

Annual Report, 2008

Symposium, 2006

TCRC hosted a Symposium to discuss ongoing faculty and community projects, research and interests to find bridges of common interest and forge stronger relationships between our faculty and our community. Click here to see an article recently published about the Symposium.