During the fall of 2006, political science students at Tufts University, working under the auspices of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, conducted the “National Survey of Civic and Political Engagement of Young People,” a survey of 1,000 people aged 18 to 24 years old. The purpose of this survey was to examine two specific sub-groups of young people – full-time students in 4-year colleges, and non-college young people – to obtain information about their political and civic attitudes and behavior. The questionnaire was designed at Tufts, and was administered online by an experienced professional survey research organization. The result was a sample of 1,000 non-military young people, 500 students enrolled full-time four year colleges, and 500 young people who were not full time students.

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Kent E. Portney and Lisa O’Leary with Elyse S. Arezzini, Ashley L. Bethel, Alexander R. Bloom, Suzanne L. Burstein, Margaret Clary, Colby M. Dillon, Courtenay A. Dunk, Bradley D. Fowler, Matthew E. Gallagher, Corey S. Green, Brody S. Hale, Fred Allen Jones, Jr., Alec S. Lewis, Leah Roffman, Joyce Uang, and Jesse E. Zlotoff. Civic and Political Engagement of America’s Youth: A Report from the Tisch College “National Survey of Civic and Political Engagement of Young People”, February 15, 2007.

Press release: National Study Belies Self-Centered Image of College Students

Questionnaire used in the survey