Vol 9 | No 6, June 2012

Exponential Potential

Tisch College launches new website

Tisch College Website
Visit activecitizen.tufts.edu, to see the new website which brings added functionally for integrating social media, photos and video.
While you’ll continue to receive this Tisch College newsletter once a month, the new site will feature stories on a more regular basis. Please check our website often or like Tisch College on Facebook for the latest stories of students, faculty, alumni and community partners making a difference in the world.

Tisch College announces faculty appointments across the university

Tisch College is a unique interdisciplinary convener which engages faculty across all Tufts schools in engaged teaching and research. Recently, the Tisch College faculty executive committee brought these connections to a new level, voting to approve the first faculty joint appointments. Twenty-four faculty and staff from six Tufts schools now hold secondary appointments at Tisch College. more
Tisch College’s faculty executive committee


Hugh Gallagher


Barbara Wallace Grossman


David Gute


Miriam Nelson


Wanda Wright

the Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff named common book for Class of 2016

After receiving input from across the university, the Common Reading Book committee has selected The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard as the 2012 common reading book for entering arts, sciences and engineering students.
The book will be sent to every incoming undergraduate, providing a common academic experience. During orientation this fall, students will be reflecting on their reading, and have several opportunities to attend speakers, seminars and workshops relating to this candid look at the environment and our consumer habits. Join the conversation by reading the Story of Stuff this summer! more

Eric Greitens delivers moving commencement address on value of service

On May 20, Eric Greitens delivered Tufts University’s commencement address. A decorated Navy SEAL, leading social entrepreneur, distinguished humanitarian, author, scholar, and teacher, Greitens reflected on the importance of service and the role it plays in welcoming military veterans back to civilian life.
“The best definition I have ever heard of a vocation is that it’s the place where your great joy meets the world’s great need..we need all of you to find your vocation. To develop your joys, your passions, and to match them to the world’s great needs,” Greitens told the class of 2012.
Greitens’ address has been featured prominently in blogs, Facebook links and prominent op-ed pieces covering talks of the commencement season. more

Explore the Frontiers of Democracy: Innovations in Civic Practice, Theory, and Education

July 19-21, Tufts University Boston Campus
Join researchers and practitioners from across the country and around the world, as Tisch College convenes the fourth annual Civic Studies, Civic Practices Conference. The conference will explore the civic awakening that’s been happening around the world and will provide a forum to share ideas, strategies, and techniques with fellow practitioners and scholars. Learn more and register now

CIRCLE Study Shows YouthBuild Builds Leaders

CIRCLEA major new study by CIRCLE, Pathways into Leadership: A Study of YouthBuild Graduates, shows that a significant number of YouthBuild graduates go on to become leaders in their careers and communities. Many of them hold public office or are church officials. More than one-third of the students surveyed for the study have become professional educators or youth workers.
The findings are extraordinary because these alumni, mostly young people of color from low-income households, have emerged as civic leaders despite facing severe disadvantages. Fully funded by the Knight Foundation. the work is part of CIRCLE’s larger efforts to understand the civic engagement of young people with no college experience. more

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