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Student Soldiers: ROTC at Tufts

Produced by Jessica Brauser, Heather Hauswirth, Jonathan Parnes, Harish Perkari

An exploration of an often misunderstood group of Tufts students ­ cadets in the Reserve Officers Training Corps – who are prepared to fight and die for their country.

For more information:
Air Force ROTC
Navy Marine Corps
US Dept. of Defense

Bio Safety or Bio Terror? Roxbury Activists and the Proposed BU Lab

Produced by Amaekiya Apreala, Jennifer Baldwin, Matthew Michelson, Chelsea Toder

Boston University’s proposed bio research lab is slated to be built in the mostly low income, minority neighborhood of Roxbury. Activists call it environmental racism. BU believes it will help keep Americans safe from bio-terror.

For more information:
Alternatives for Community and Environment
National Inst. of Health
BU Medical Center
Progressive Org.

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Taking it Back: Haitian Empowerment in Boston

Produced by Kirit Radia, Justin Saint Cyr, Francheska Sánchez, Anthony Subietas

After 26 years without a political voice, Haitian immigrants from Dorchester, Mattapan, and Milton run for office in an election in which, regardless of the outcome, the true winner is the Haitian community.

For more information:
Boston Haitian Reporter
Haitian-Americans United, Inc.
The Haitian Coalition

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Hazard ­ Children at Work: Teen Labor Laws

Produced by Ari Borod, Cristina Calzadilla, Julie Schwarz, Clara Valenstein

After the stabbing death of an 18 year old CVS employee, Cristian Ribeiro Giambrone, his mother joins with teen leaders from the Mass. Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (Masscosh) to make his death a catalyst for change and better safety training.

For more information:
Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health
Cristian Giambrone Memorial Site
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Protecting Working Teens Resource Guide
Youth Rules!

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