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2003 Spring
2004 Spring | Fall
2005 Spring | Fall
2006 Spring | Fall
2007 Fall
Student Veterans
Veteran’s Day
U.S. armed forces veterans face many issues upon returning to civilian life, including employment and mental health problems. This film explores those problems and how vets and the government are coping with them. Producers: Douglas Foote, Marissa Maren, Louis Marshall.
Veterans Day
Changing Uniforms
This film offers a cinema verité glimpse at the culture wars swirling around the way the nation celebrates Veteran’s Day. Producers: Douglas Foote, Marissa Maren, Louis Marshall.
John School
John School
A look at a new strategy that is part of an effort to control the demand side of prostitution. We get educated, along with men arrested for soliciting prostitutes, about the realities of the lives of sex workers. Producers: Everett Hendler, Jeremy Strauss, Gabriel Wilson.
Undocumented Dreams
This film is about Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which uses raids and sting operations and separates parents from children in an effort to reduce the numbers of some kinds of undocumented workers. Producers: Theron Corbin, Janette Hoffman, Kim McLaughlin.
Bottled Water
Drinking Under the Influence: Students Fight Against Bottled Water
Only one in five bottles are recycled. Petroleum is used to manufacture the bottles and the transport of a heavy commodity, water, uses petroleum as well. Corporations are heavily marketing bottled water to young people and trying to convince them that it’s better than tap water. The truth is they are regulated by the same standards as, and often use, municipal water. Producers: Brian Agler, Eren Bucek, Laur Fisher, James Hughes.
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