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From the Fryer to the Freeway: Alternative Energy Today
By Phil Martin, Sean Malahy, Emi Norris, Assaf Pines
Alexandra McGourty is a Tufts freshman who converted a diesel Mercedes to run on McDonald’s grease. It smells like French fries, but Alex is happy that she is not running on oil. Warren Wein, a software engineer, runs his car on the grease from a Chinese restaurant. The divisive issues about American dependency on foreign oil, the Iraq war, and alternative energy are highlighted by Professors Bruce Everett of the Fletcher School and Michael Klare of Hampshire College.
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Waitlisted: The Battle Over the In-State Tuition Bill
By Stephanie Chin, Ana Rico, Michael Stone, Chad Matlin
Patricia is a bright 20-year-old immigrant from Brazil, who came to the U.S. when she was six, but cannot attend college at the same cost as her high school classmates. Patricia graduated in 2003 and was forced to join the workforce. Along with other activists, she is fighting to get the MA legislature to pass an in-state tuition bill. This is a moving story of frustration turned into activism and of the underside of the American dream.
Somali Bantu still
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Flip the Coin: The Somali Bantus’ Journey to America
By Jovielle Gers, Antuan Johnson, VJ Kesavan, Christelle Valembrun
Kafio Keerow and her husband, Muktar Hassan, are Somali Bantu refugees who escaped Somalia’s civil war and persecution as ethnic minorities. They now live in a two-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, MA, with their eight children. We meet a group of passionate women who volunteer to help Kafio, Muktar and other Bantus transition to American society, and we learn about their parallel struggles.
Melanie's Legacy still
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Melanie’s Legacy: a Grandfather’s Fight against Drunk Driving By Jen Bokoff, Valerie Chin, Eli Netter, Leah Tucker
In 2003, 13-year-old Melanie Powell was killed by a repeat-offender drunk driver in Marshfield, MA. Melanie’s grandfather, Ron Bersani, has worked to use his family tragedy to create positive social change, lobbying for stricter drunk driving laws. Ron’s passionate fight against the MA legislature illustrates how one person’s voice can make a difference.
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