“My coursework helped me understand how people use the media to advocate for their cause. After taking this course, I’ll never look at a newspaper or TV the same way again.”

Olivia Teytelbaum ’10

MPS has offered the following courses at Tufts:

Producing Films for Social Change — An intensive hands-on, editorial and production course in which students pitch their ideas and then research, report, produce, shoot, write, and edit their own short documentary films on social issues affecting Tufts, the local community, the U.S., or the world.

Media Literacy and Social Change — Examines media stereotypes of gender, ethnicity, race, and class; explore the role of the “citizen journalist;” discuss ways that new media has changed the traditional media landscape; and spur students to think about the impact of media convergence and the ethical issues that arise when a few corporations own the majority of news, entertainment, publishing, and Internet media outlets.

TV in the Age of YouTube — Analyzes the impact that the Internet and new communication forms — including blogs, vlogs, podcasts, wikis and social networks — are having on the traditional medium of television. Students assess the good and bad of citizen journalism where the Internet enables anyone and everyone to become an “authority” with the connected world as their audience.

Social Marketing — Explores principles of marketing and applies them to case studies such as AIDS awareness and activism, anti-smoking campaigns, and City Year. Students create their own marketing campaigns for local non-profits as part of the experiential learning component of this class.