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Honos Civicus is a society to honor and publicly recognize graduating seniors who have excelled in Tufts University courses and co-curricular activities as undergraduates.  Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon a Tufts active citizenship education and the many paths students travel to develop their civic selves.

Joining Honos Civicus

To become a member of the Honos Civicus Society, graduating seniors must complete an online application.  The application includes three components – academic, co-curricular, and an essay response. Applications will open in early 2015.

Along with your application, you must submit an unofficial transcript to TischCollegeSubmissions@tufts.edu.


To become a member of Honos Civicus, you must:

  • Be a graduating senior.
  • Have taken three courses related to civic engagement with a minimum course grade of 3.0. If applying before Jan. 2014, do not submit Fall 2013 courses. Only one of the courses may be Pass/Fail. Read more about courses here.
  • Have been involved in at least three co-curricular activities during your undergraduate career at Tufts, only one of which may be a one-day activity.


The application deadline for the Class of 2015 will be announced in the Spring. Click here to complete the online application.

Honos Civicus Society Benefits

  • Articulate and document your active citizenship accomplishments for future internships and job applications.
  • Gain access to a large network of Tufts active citizen alumni on LinkedIn.
  • Attend networking sessions and workshops with other active citizen students in December 2013.
  • Receive information about future active citizenship and job opportunities through Tisch College.
  • Be recognized for your substantial community involvement during your undergraduate career at the spring 2014 Honos Civicus Induction Ceremony.
  • Reflect on the courses and experiences that shaped your development as an active citizen.
  • Be featured in a profile in Tufts Daily and/or Tisch College website.

Class of 2014 Application: Academic, Co-Curricular and Essay

Part I: Academic 

Your academic civic engagement record should convey high quality course work that helped develop your abilities as an active citizen. You can describe any Tufts University course, as long as it:

  • Has clear civic engagement content, which may focus on theory, public policy, a particular social issue or involve direct community engagement,


  • Inspired you in some way to get involved with the world or to understand your civic role more clearly.

Part II: Co-Curricular
Your co-curricular civic engagement submission is an opportunity to capture those activities that helped develop your civic knowledge, skills and values during your Tufts undergraduate career. Appropriate on-campus and off-campus activities, as well as paid work and summer internships, may be included. You should list three activities, only one of which may be a one-day activity.

Part III: Essay Response
The essay is an opportunity to reflect on your civic growth and how your academic and co-curricular activities have transformed you into an effective active citizen, in no more than 500 words. Applicants should respond to ONE of two essay prompts.

  • Compare and contrast two community experiences you have had while at Tufts – one early in your career here and one more recently. Illustrate how your approach and/or reaction to community circumstances have changed over time. Describe how your academic and co-curricular preparation contributed to this change in approach or reaction.


  • Describe how a particular course, set of courses or research project prepared you for work in the community, and how your community work influenced your understanding of the material in those courses or research. Explain how your understanding of academic materials and community experiences were deepened from connecting the two.

Successful applicants will illustrate how courses or activities relate to their personal and/or professional development. Do not simply describe the course or activity.


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For More Information

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Maggie McMorrow at Maggie.McMorrow@tufts.edu.