The Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) and the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life are accepting applications for the Honos Civicus Society Class of 2017 at TUSDM.  Honos Civicus, Latin for “Civic Honors,” celebrates and publicly recognizes graduating predoctoral and postdoctoral students who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community service and civic engagement during their studies at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.  Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon TUSDM’s community involvement while creating an alumni network of health professionals who are excited to continue their commitment to civic engagement throughout their careers.

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The benefits of membership in the Honos Civicus Society include:

  • Recognition at a ceremony of the Class of 2017 Tufts Dental, Medical, and Nutrition students and residents accepted into Honos Civicus
  • Recognition at graduation, with a notation in the Senior Biography publication and an Honos Civicus pin for the commencement gown.
  • Featured on the Tisch College website and other Tufts University publications.
  • Membership in the Honos Civicus alumni group, an alumni network of active citizen health professionals.

Strong candidates will have:

  • Demonstrated commitment to public service and civic engagement.  (This must be beyond the minimum expected for degree requirements which include the required off-site rotations and community service learning externship.)
  • Demonstrated dedication and/or leadership.
  • Made a positive impact on the community served and on you as an individual.
  • An outstanding record of professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • Must be in good academic and professional standing.

The application includes:

  • Four Short Essay Questions
  • Description of your community service/civic engagement


  • Applications are due on Sunday, February 26 by 11:59 p.m.
  • Honorees will be notified by Friday, April 7.
  • The recognition luncheon will be held on May 16

Review Committee and Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the TUSDM Honos Civicus Subcommittee, which includes representatives from the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, the TUSDM Department of Public Health and Community Service, and the TUSDM Office of Student Affairs.

The application review will be blinded and your application will be judged on the following attributes:

  • Consistency and Effort – The length and depth of your community service/civic engagement involvement during your time at TUSDM
  • Continuity and Sustainability – The degree to which your community service/civic engagement has made a lasting contribution on the community served
  • Leadership – The roles and responsibilities that you assumed during your community service/civic engagement
  • Impact –  The degree to which your community service/civic engagement has made a meaningful impact you as an individual
  • Quality – The quality of your essay answers

Applicants will receive a notification of acceptance or non-acceptance by Friday, April 7.

Additional Information

Please email kathryn.dolan@tufts.edu if you have questions about Honos Civicus and/or the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is active citizenship? 
Active citizenship includes the ability to:

  • Think critically about civic problems
  • Engage effectively with diverse individuals and communities
  • Communicate powerfully
  • Collaborate effectively with individuals and groups
  • Understand your own values, motivations, passions, and ethics—and act on them
  • Recognize one’s responsibility to a larger community

What types of activities should I have participated in to apply for Honos Civicus?
Suggested activities and/or combination of activities – above and beyond degree requirements – include but are not limited to the following:

  • Community outreach through TUSDM student organizations or self-initiated volunteer service through membership in non-University affiliated programs that involve underserved or vulnerable communities or population groups
  • Leadership role in TUSDM student organizations involved in community service
  • Public health related research project that is self-initiated or supported by the student research fellowship program
  • Extensive participation in dental public health journal club and associated community or public policy activities
  • Elective public health coursework and associated community or public policy activities.
    • Significant contribution through public health advocacy
    • Written works (e.g., featured story, newsletter article, reflection, or journal article)
    • Innovative idea/product (e.g., website, downloadable app, teaching/learning technique, product line, other)

Do I need to be nominated in order to apply?
There is NO nomination requirement for Honos Civicus. If you have participated in community service or civic engagement above and beyond what is required at TUSDM, you may apply directly for Honos Civicus by completing the application on this website.