For over 25 years, Carol R. Goldberg, Professor Rob Hollister of Tufts University and the Boston Foundation have collaboratively applied Tufts’ intellectual resources to pressing community challenges.

Originally known as the Goldberg Seminar, the project has a proud history of acting as a catalyst for important civic initiatives. The first Goldberg Seminar focused on revamping the primary health care system in this city, and resulted in the action plan called Boston At Risk, which, long before its time, called attention to the hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts working residents without health insurance. 

The second set out to restore Boston’s parks to their former glory, and to broaden the community’s concern about parks to include “Open Spaces.”  That seminar’s report, The Greening of Boston, became a national model for revitalizing open spaces – and helped to bring about a green-space renaissance in this city.

The third seminar entitled Embracing Our Future. looked at the role and availability of childcare in Boston and the fourth, The Future of Boston Area Nonprofits, addressed the future of Boston-area non-profits. As groups have come together under the Goldberg Seminar mantle to develop concrete strategies that would be successful, they consistently resulted in action toward a common good.

One way to track changes in the important areas of civic life that have been addressed by the Goldberg Seminars over the years, is to visit the Boston Foundation’s special Boston Indicators website, which presents a continuously updated cornucopia of information about the city and the region.  The site organizes information in ten categories.  Of special interest to the topics explored in past seminars are the sections on Public Health, the EnvironmentEducation, and Civic Health.