Q:  How would I benefit from this program?
A:  Previous Faculty Fellows report the following kinds of benefits:  intellectual stimulation; developing new working relationships, especially ones that cross disciplines; building a greater sense of intellectual community; strengthening one’s work on personal projects; learning new teaching and research methods; learning about new opportunities; and gaining access to financial and other resources.

Q:  I am potentially interested, but the conceptual vocabulary of “active citizenship” does not resonate.  Is the program appropriate for faculty who describe their public work in other terms?
A:  While Tisch College emphasizes  “active citizenship”  in its communications, other phrases and conceptual frames are equally apt and may be more appropriate to some disciplines and individuals.  We welcome participation by colleagues interested, for example, in public scholarship, community service, civic engagement, social responsibility, social change or social criticism.

Q:  Am I eligible for the program and would it be useful to me if I am interested in public scholarship, but am not involved in community service learning or  experiential learning?
A:  Yes.  Many faculty at Tufts contribute to education for active citizenship and to public scholarship without practicing community service learning or experiential learning.

Q:  I cannot commit the time required.  Are there other ways that I can participate in Tisch College or have access to Tisch College staff and other resources?
A:  Yes.  We would be glad to explore other opportunities with you.

Q:  Travel concerns.  Will all of the sessions be held on the Medford/Somerville campus?
A:  Yes.  But we would like to experiment with video conferencing technology to enable participation-at-a-distance in some sessions.

Q:  Why does the applications process require approval from my department chair and school dean?
A:  Because it is important that your participation in the program align well with departmental and school priorities, rather than pull in you other directions.  If securing these approvals is an issue, please discuss with Dean Wilson.