Somerville is the base of one of Tufts most robust partnerships, with hundreds of students engaged each year. Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from a range of courses and student programs actively work with public agencies and community-based organizations throughout Somerville. Academic partnerships present unique educational experiences through class like Anthropology 183 Urban Borderlands, in which students explore local Latino communities. Student organizations like the Leonard Carmichael Society coordinate a full range of service opportunities, including many in Somerville. Some organizations, such as the Somerville office of the National Student Partnerships, were established thanks to extensive energy and input from Tufts students and staff.

When SCC and the City of Somerville Housing Department decided to collaborate on a housing study, UEP faculty graciously shared their extensive housing policy expertise… SCC has benefited from two projects done by teams of UEP students working under excellent faculty oversight.

Danny LeBlanc, CEO
Somerville Community Corporation

In 2004, the President of Tufts University entered a 10-year Partnership Agreement with the Mayors of Medford and Somerville. In the Partnership Agreement Tufts commits annual financial payments to the cities, a set level of financial aid to local residents who are admitted for undergraduate study, and expansion of Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service programs and other community service programs, such as Tufts Literacy Corps and Tufts Jumpstart.

Somerville is a very vibrant place, always has been. With all the changes in demographics, it’s a real microcosm of society…white working class, immigrants and refugees of color—many of whom live in poverty, and "YUPPIES", all living in close proximity and attempting to share resources. There’s always tension, but also there are ambassadors and bridgers from every sector trying to make dialogue and community happen. The boundaries between different groups appear to be somewhat more open. The fact that community agencies and Tufts are working together more deeply, is an indication of shared mission and will that makes me feel hopeful.

Adina Davidson, formerly
Assistant Director of Family Support at
The Family Center

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