For many years, Tufts students have contributed greatly to the quality of life in our community. Their caring and compassion for their fellow human beings, coupled with their energy, vision and commitment to excellence have made a positive impact upon Medford and its citizens. The Tufts community understands not only the value of education, but also the importance of protecting our environment, giving new life to the Mystic River, and promoting green space within our borders. Tufts students who take the leadership role and want to give back to our city only enhance the landscape of our neighborhoods. Come and experience Medford…the Ford by the Meadow.
—Mayor Michael J. McGlynn
Medford, Massachusetts

Through numerous programs dozens of Tufts students, undergraduate and graduate, are engaged in community-based organizations and schools in Medford each year. For example, Citizenship and Public Service Scholars, a program of Tisch College, develop and lead projects in Medford Public Schools. Other students are engaged through academic courses, community service opportunities, research and internships.

In 2004, the President of Tufts University entered a 10-year Partnership Agreement with the Mayors of Medford and Somerville. In the Partnership Agreement, Tufts commits annual financial payments to the cities, a set level of financial aid to local residents who are admitted for undergraduate study, and expansion of Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service programs and other community service programs, such as Tufts Literacy Corps.

Medford’s proximity and its varied community-building projects—relating to culture, public health, and the environment, for example—make it an ideal partner for Tufts students and faculty who support education for active citizenship.

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