The 2014 syllabus is under development. The 2013 syllabus is here.

We discuss civic theories in the morning and venues of citizenship in the early afternoon, and then listen to a speaker in the late afternoon.


Major Civic Theories (9 sessions)

Theoretical traditions in civic studies, including:

  1. Ostrom and the Indiana Workshop
  2. Habermas and critical social theory
  3. Flyvbjerg and social science as phronesis
  4. Putnam and civil society
  5. Alinsky, Horton, and others: popular education and organizing
  6. Unger and radical democracy
  7. Madison and Hayek on thinking constitutionally
  8. Burke and preserving a heritage

Venues of Civic Practice

  1. The person: civic education
  2. Deliberation and negotiation
  3. Public work
  4. Community organizing
  5. Social movements
  6. The American regime
  7. Civic work in the shadow of civil war
  8. Global governance