Frontiers of Democracy

Frontiers of Democracy 2016

Save the date! Our annual Frontiers of Democracy conference will take place on June 23-25, 2016 at Tufts University’s downtown Boston campus. We are actively working on the conference schedule, and we welcome proposals for learning exchanges. Please use this form to submit ideas.

About Frontiers of Democracy

While powerful forces work against justice and civil society around the world, committed and innovative people strive to understand and improve citizens’ engagement with government, with community, and with each other. Every year, Frontiers of Democracy convenes some of these practitioners and scholars for organized discussions and informal interactions. Topics include deliberative democracy, civil and human rights, social justice, community organizing and development, civic learning and political engagement, the role of higher education in democracy, Civic Studies, media reform and citizen media production, civic technology, civic environmentalism, and common pool resource management. Devoted to new issues and innovative solutions, this conference is truly at the frontiers of democracy.

Most of Frontiers is devoted to interactive discussions and learning exchanges. View the full list of the 2015 learning exchanges and the 2015 schedule.

2015 Frontiers of Democracy

Thanks to all the participants and attendees who made last year’s gathering a successful, thought-provoking event. The following playlist includes all “short take” talks from the 2015 Frontiers of Democracy conference. Watch individual presentations on our YouTube channel. You can also check out the online conversation as it happened through #DemFront.

Join us next year

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