College Access is a national movement to help students have access to higher education, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. College access both brings attention to the role of higher education institutions to serve students from all backgrounds and encourages students to address barriers or fears they may have about college. College access strives to reach every student and supports them to achieve their goals and aspirations, regardless of their background. To read more about college access, visit the White House Report on College Access.

Tisch College’s College Access Mentoring Initiative (CAMI)

CAMI provides college access for students from underrepresented backgrounds in Tufts host communities. We believe that everyone has a right to access higher education, and everyone deserves help.  High school students will be exposed to college life and encouraged to get started with the college process. Students from different high schools and youth programs will come to Tufts University to participate in programs. A typical day for a high school visitor will include a tour, meal with Tufts students, student panels, and an interactive performance.

Get Involved

There are a couple of ways to get involved with CAMI:


Tufts volunteers are essential throughout day to interact with the high school students.  If you are an undergraduate student, volunteering includes being part of the student panel, serving as a tour guide, participating in ice breakers, and/or having lunch with the high school students. You may volunteer based on your schedule. This opportunity is open to all students! Students from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Leadership Council

Students in the leadership council help plan each of the college access visits. The leadership council will assist with planning the tour routes, recruiting volunteers, publicity, and coordinating each college access visit. The council is open to all students, but first years and sophomores are encouraged to apply. Some transferable skills that are learned include time management, team building, problem solving, and supervising others. You will also learn about local youth and the public school systems we partner with.  If you are interested, please apply using the form below.

CAMI Leadership Council 2015-2016:

  • Leah Cubanski – Community Liason
  • Jessica McGoldrick – Curriculum Development
  • HeeJae An – Curriculum Development
  • Minnie Chen – Performance Coordinator
  • Leanna Pham – Visit Organizer
  • Sarah Bahn – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Elana Sanford – Visit Organizer

Testimonials from High School Students

Here’s what the high school students have said after the college access visit:

“I liked the students who talked to us. Help me see what college life is like.” –Josiah Quincy Upper School student

“When we went to the Group of 6, it’s cool to see that community of students go there to study or spend time.”—Josiah Quincy Upper School Student

“I loved the dinner with the students! They answered all of my questions, and it was good to have perspective from other students.” –Liaison Interpreters Program of Somerville (LIPS)  youth with The Welcome Project

“I learned that college is for everyone!” –Medford High School Student

For More Information

If you would like more information about CAMI, please contact HeeJae An at