Strengthening Community Partnerships

Tuesday, April, 1st, 2014 Faculty Featured Story Newsletter

Co-hosted by the Office of the President, the Office of Community Relations, and Tisch College, the Presidential Symposium on Community Partnerships brought together close to 150 people committed to establishing fruitful partnerships.

A Public Act of Healing

Tuesday, March, 4th, 2014 Faculty Featured Story

Tisch College Faculty Fellow Diane O’Donoghue is leading efforts to restore thie Währinger Jewish cemetery in Vienna, a once beautiful burial ground that suffered Nazi desecration and decades of neglect.

A Diverse and Engaged Faculty

Tuesday, December, 17th, 2013 Faculty Featured Story

With the addition of nine new members in the 2013-2014 school year, Tisch College now counts 44 professors among its affiliated faculty. Through their teaching and research, they are exemplary active citizens who promote civic engagement throughout the university.

Secrets, Spies, and Liberty

Monday, December, 2nd, 2013 Faculty Featured Story

Assistant professor of political science and Tisch College Faculty Fellow Jeff Taliaferro shares what he thinks of Edward Snowden, the growth of U.S. spy agencies, and his new undergraduate course “Intelligence and National Security.”