More than 600 students now belong to this honors society for Tufts students who did exemplary work both in the classroom and in their communities.


On April 10, Tisch College inducted 85 undergraduates into the Honos Civicus Society, which recognizes graduating students who have engaged meaningfully with communities and excelled as active citizens during their time at Tufts.

“Tisch College launched Honos Civicus in 2009 because we believe that we should not just promote and facilitate meaningful civic engagement, but also recognize and celebrate it,” said Tisch College Dean Alan Solomont during an induction ceremony attended by parents, staff, and members of the Tisch College Board of Advisors.

“Collectively, you represent the best of Tufts University and exemplify the kinds of students and citizens we strive to educate: young people armed with the skills, knowledge, and that quintessentially Jumbo desire to be a part of something greater than yourself,” added Dean Solomont.

During the ceremony, students shared their transformative experiences as active citizens and reflected on the impact of their work.

For many of the inductees, those experiences were shaped by Tisch College programs which afforded them the opportunities to engage with communities and work on important social issues.

“Whether I was volunteering in the slums of Jakarta with malnourished children, helping patients to their appointments at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, or visiting a refugee family each week to keep them company in their transition to life in the United States, I realized that every action I take has an impact—good or bad,” said Safiya Subegdjo, A15, a Tisch Scholar.

“I may not have the loudest voice, but I know that with the power of thousands standing up for justice, our collective voices can move mountains,” she added.

That sentiment was echoed by Michael Maskin, A15, who last year was a Tisch Summer Fellow at the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty in Washington, D.C.

“We’re each individually one person but, coming together, we form a pretty big, powerful group,” he said. “So it’s really reassuring to see everyone here who’s doing such incredible work and really makes that quote ring true: small acts multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.”

Another Tisch Summer Fellow, Sabrina McMillin, A15, spoke about her time interning for Massachusetts congresswoman Katherine Clark. The experience fundamentally transformed her perspective on politics.

“Unlike a lot of people who become jaded by spending time in Congress, I saw someone who I could really look up to, who was really genuine and serious about the work she was doing,” said McMillin. In fact, her work in the Congresswoman’s office may have shaped her personal and professional trajectory. “For the first time I thought that maybe I have a shot at running for office someday,” she added.

Since the program’s inception, more than 600 undergraduates and nearly 150 graduates from Tufts’ professional schools have been inducted into Honos Civicus. Next month, Tisch College will welcome into Honos Civicus another class of graduating professionals from Tufts’ schools of medicine, dental medicine, and nutrition, as well as a first cohort from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Undergraduate students inducted into Honos Civicus in 2015 are:

Diane Adamson, A15
Ashleigh Cecile Alexander, A15
Jordan Elizabeth Anderson, A15
Hafsa Anouar, A15
Madeleine AZ Ball, A15
William Ernest Dow Beckham, A15
Rachel Bennett, A15
Mariana Berenguer Puerta, A15
Pooja Beri, A15
Benjamin S. Berman, A15
Stacey Luen Bevan, A15
Jasmine Taylor Bland, A15
Meghan Bodo, A15
Monica Zoe Brown-Ramos, A15
John Budrow Jr, A15
Alice E. Chan, A15
Sydney Char, E15
Valerie Cleland, A15
Jeneice M Collins, A15
Brianna Claire Dayer, A15
Carlota Fernández-Tubau Rullo, A15
Amanda Fierro, A15
Ayesha Forbes, A15
Bradley Friedman, A15
Gabrielle Galat, A15
Kalkidan Gezahegn, A15
Christopher John Ghanny, A15
Rebecca Darin Goldberg, A15
Anne R Goodman, A15
N’Dea Michelle Hallett, A15
Darien Headen, A15
Elena Hemler, A15
Kristi Hill, A15
Emani Holyfield, A15
Emma Husted-Sherman, A15
Allison Nicole Jeffery, A15
Robert Joseph, A15
Michael Kareff, A15
Chrystal Koech, A15
Renee Lamoreau, A15
Gabriel Lara, A15
Charles Larcom, A15
Sofía Linares Vásquez, A15
Lillian Lu, A15
Tyler Lawrence Maher, A15
Elizabeth Marie Maloney, A15
Katherine Marie Marchand, A15
Julie Margolies, A15
Michael Goldfarb Maskin, A15
Nathaniel Matthews, A15
Sarah McDaniel, A15
Meaghan Kathleen McGoldrick, A15
Sabrina McMillin, A15
Mark Katz Meiselbach, A15
Mahlet Meshesha, A15
Katelyn A Montalvo, A15
Adam Christopher Nagy, A15
Elwin Ng, A15
Victoria E. Oliva Rapoport, A15
Shoshana Oppenheim, A15
Ryan M. Parigoris, A15
Leah Petrucelli, A15
Alison Rose Pinkerton, A15
Adiel Masako Pollydore, A15
Enxhi Popa , A15
Marcy S. Regalado, A15
Nicholas Richard, A15
Anecia Richards, E15
Drew Zenni Robertson, A15
Verónica Alma Rosario, A15
Molly Claire Rothschild, A15
Valeria Ruelas, A15
Emily Russo, A15
Matthew J. Ryan, A15
Dorie Schwartz, A15
Matthew Soble, A15
Thomas Stack, A15
Michelle Stevens, E15
Jennifer N. Straitz, A15
Safiya Subegdjo, A15
Maya Taft-Morales, A15
Kwanki Tang, A15
Julia Mason Wedgle, A15
Lesley Wellener, A15
Chioma Woko, A15

Originally published April 2015.