Through Tisch College’s Active Citizenship Summer (ACS), over 60 Tufts students will spend the next 10 weeks gaining real-world skills while working to improve the world around them.

The ACS program is funded in part by a generous gift from the James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation established by Judy and Jamie (A78) Dimon.   ACS is a life changing opportunity which offers Tisch Fellows solid professional experience and connections to alumni mentors, enabling the Tisch Fellows to explore a range of active citizenship career paths.

This year, the program is expanding in both New York and Massachusetts. Launched last year, the New York ACS program will host 11 students this year – more than double its’ inaugural year. In Massachusetts, the program is expanding beyond Somerville to include Medford and Boston’s Chinatown, and growing from 7 students to 17.

The Washington, D.C. ACS program continues to be a robust collaboration with D.C. area alumni. In addition to the 21 students participating in ACS:DC, nearly 50 students will connect with local alumni mentors through Tisch College’s Washington D.C. CASE Network (Connecting Alumni Student Experiences). Open to all Tufts students undertaking substantive D.C. internships, the CASE Network includes individual mentoring, weekly breakfast panels, networking opportunities, and service events.

ACS International sends small groups of medical, dental and undergraduate students to undertake significant projects with local partners.  This summer, they will be providing primary care in rural Haiti; providing first aid training in Kashmir, India; expanding mobile health systems in Nepal and promoting oral health in Zambia.

The program this year is particularly focused on programs that benefit children at risk, particularly organizations that work at the intersection of health and education and/or are focused on Title 1 schools. Those organizations are denoted with asterisks (**) below.

The 2013 ACS Fellows are:

New York

Makeba Rutahindurwa, A14
Ian Wahrenbrock, A14

Huairou Commission
Maria Campbell, A14
Sophia Wojtasinski, A14

Will Freeman, A16

GO Project**
Dorie Schwartz, A15

Madison Boys and Girls Club**
Nicholas Cutsumpas, A14

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Mark Tyson, A14

New York Academy of Medicine
Caroline Geiger, A13

Rosie’s Theatre Kids**
Yaritsa Sanchez, A16

Taproot Foundation
Betsy Allman, A16

Read more about ACS: New York Fellows

ACS Massachusetts

BCNC Monitoring and Evaluation
Jasmine Lee, A14

Community Change, Inc.
Cassie Webb, A14

Chinese Progressive Association
Naika Pierre, A14

City of Medford Business
Stephanie Krantz, A14

Eagle Eye Institute**
Emely Garcia, A15

East Somerville Main Streets
Peter Balonon-Rosen, A14

Green Streets Initiative
Diana Phethean, A14

Immigrant Service Providers Group
April Tang, A14

Minh Leu, A14

Mystic Learning Center**
Marquel Norton, A14

Madeline Hall, A13

Somerville Community Corporation
Alexa Sasanow, A13

Somerville Family Learning Collaborative**
Julie Margolies, A15

Somerville Public Schools**
Gracie McKenzie, A15

ACS Washington DC

Kathryn Li, A14

Jordan Heyman, A13

Arcadia Farm to School**
Mae Humiston, A13

Arcadia Mobile Food Market**
Eugene Buonaccorsi, A13

Asia Foundation
Elizabeth Robinson, A15

GoodWeave USA
Fariya Syed-Ali, A15

National Partnership for Women and Families**
Caroline Sherrard, A14

Guillermo Cortez, A14

Lift DC
Darien Headen, A15

LIFT National
Allison Harrington, A14

National Law Center
Elissa Miller, A14

Pentagon – Acquisition Visibility
Ellie Monroe, A15

Pentagon – Congressional Support
Stephen Ruggiero, A14

Pentagon – Economic and Manpower Analysis
Elizabeth McKay, A14

Pentagon – International Cooperation
Jessica Wilson, A14

Pentagon – Weapons Cost Systems
Kayla Holland, A14

Pentagon – Advanced Cost Systems
David Riche, A14
Audrey Knickel, A14

The Constitution Project
Nina Bernstein, A14

USDA – Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative**
Tessa Ruben, A14

Lisa Setrekian, A14

ACS International

Continued Development of Primary Care and Public Health in Rural Haiti
Samuel Gammerman, M16
Stephanie Garbarino, M16
Dan Gerges, M16
Semonti Hossain, M16
Will LaPlant, M16
Emily Porter, M16
Lisa Redden, M16

Kashmir Emergency Medicine Education Initiative
Nishant Saharan, A14
Hans Ege Wenger, A14

Expanding Mobile Health System in Rural Nepal
Malina Filkins, A14
Alon Slutzky, A13
Greg Zhang, A16

Maternal, Infant, and Child Oral Health Promotion in Rural Zambia
Sama Abdul-Aziz, D18
Khara Gresham, D14
Hubert Park, D14
Ashish Patel, D14
Leslie Slowikowski, D14