Tufts Citizen Lawyers

The Tufts Citizen Lawyer: Ethics. Respect. Compassion. Service.
The Tufts community is committed to active citizenship. Tisch College is an amplifier for this ideal, infusing active citizenship and public service across the university by coordinating student programs, supporting faculty members and working with alumni and alumni groups.   Loyal to our mission, Tisch College and the Tufts Lawyers Association have forged a partnership, the Citizen Lawyer Initiative.  

A Tufts Citizen Lawyer is an individual who does his/her work supporting the world community through public service, setting a standard for the legal profession’s role in civic engagement and pro bono activities.  The Citizen Lawyer tagline, “Ethics. Respect. Compassion. Service.” best encapsulates this ideal.

The Citizen Lawyer Initiative is comprised of three key areas:

Recognition Service Events