Tisch Scholar Alumni Updates – Fall 2011


Jennica Allen, A11
, spent the summer as a Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholar. She is currently a graduate student in public health at Boston University.

Khudejha Asghar, A10, and Jessica Oh, A11, are both Research Assistants in Boston, Kudejha at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Jessica at Tufts Medical Center.

Matt Gasbarro, E04, EG06, is a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems in Boston.

Eleanor Heidkamp-Young, A08, works at Tufts as the program coordinator of the StrongWomen Strength Training Program at the John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Prevention, based at the Friedman School of Nutrition. Matt Alander, A08, is also a Tufts employee: he is an assistant director of admissions.

Jenny Lau, A11, is an activist fellow at the Asian American Resource Workshop in Boston.

Mitch Lunn, A04, MD is a clinical fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Resident Physician in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Sarah Kohnstamm Macone, A07, is a 6th grade teacher at The Learning Project Elementary School in Boston. She was recently married to Jonathan Macone.

Carolyn Matheson, A08, recently began an advanced graduate program at Northeastern University to become a family nurse practitioner. Her goal is to work with the homeless; she most recently was a case manager at the Barbara McInnis House, part of Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.

After graduating from Tufts, Ify Mora, A04, served as the director of the Scholars Program for three years. She left to pursue graduate studies at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and is now the Senior Aide to the Executive Director of the Barr Foundation in Boston.

Duncan Pickard, A10, is a graduate student at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Rachel (Shatten) Vasquez Reina, A07, is the manager of America Forward, an initiative of New Profit Inc, whose mission is t o help innovative social entrepreneurs and their organizations dramatically improve opportunities for children, families, and communities.

Jason Steinman, A05, graduated from Harvard Law School and is now an associate with Foley Hoag in Boston. Jason is engaged to Beth Bauer, A07, who works for Jumpstart.

Mike Stone, A07, along with two friends, founded Abroad 101, with the mission “to promote global citizenship by fostering the most meaningful study abroad experience for all students through technology innovation in higher education.” Watch an interview with Mike or read more.

Diego Villalobos, A09, is an analyst/specialist at ACCION International.

Jenn Jarecki is an account manager at Select Design in Burlington, Vermont.

Chelsea (Bardot) Lewis, A06, is the agricultural development coordinator at Vermont Agency of Agriculture. She received her masters degree at Tufts’ Friedman School of Nutrition.

Rhode Island
Natalie Solomon, A06, teaches Chinese at The Wheeler School in Providence, RI. She is also the program director for Teacher Education with Providence Summerbridge.


Lynda Turet, A06
, and Lena Andrews, A09, were both named Coro Fellow in Public Affairsfollowing their graduations. Lynda currently serves as the legislative director and scheduler for New York City Council Member Daniel Garodnick and Lena now works in Washington D.C. at the United States Institute of Peace, which provides the analysis, training and tools that prevent and end conflicts, promotes stability and professionalizes the field of peacebuilding.

Three Tisch Scholar alumni are in divinity schools. Jennifer Bailey, A09, is a graduate student at the Vanderbilt University Divinity School. Unaza Khan, A07, is pursuing a master’s degree in theological studies, with a concentration in Islamic studies, at the Harvard Divinity School. She was previously a Fulbright Scholar in Jordan. Steven McFarland, A08, is a seminary student at Union Theological Seminary in New York. You can follow his blog here.

New York
Kate Berson, A09 is a youth organizer for Make the Road New York, a nonprofit that promotes economic justice, equity and opportunity.

Nora Chovanec, A10, is an assistant to designer/architect/artist Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. Nora lives in NY and also is a freelance photographer.

Danie Damm, A09, lives in NYC, where she works for Goldman Sachs.

Rodela Khan, A08, M09, now lives in NYC where she is a project manager at Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies. She received her MPH at Tufts.

Daniela Perdomo, A07, is a writer and coordinates social impact and social marketing for the Huffington Post.

Taryn Miller Stevens, A07, spent three years at Starting Bloc, where she was director of business development. She, along with two colleagues, just launched MBM (Meeting of Big Minds), which brings leaders and innovators in social change movements together for retreats and conferences. She recently started with Change.org as director of partnerships and business development focused on maximizing impact/dollars of the largest women’s rights and gay rights non-profits and supporters out there.

Lashaana Straw, A08, is studying health policy & management at New York Medical College.

Alexis (Yen) Yuen, A11, is working in marketing for the American Ballet Theater in NYC.

Washington, DC
Laura Bernescu, A11, is a student of international law in Washington DC at American University, Washington College of Law.

Allie Bohm, A07, is an advocacy and policy strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington DC. She is also a contributor to the ACLU blog.

Laura Herman, A09, is Senior Analyst at Advisory Board Company, a Washington DC-based global research, consulting, and technology firm serving hospitals and universities.

Angela Lam, A10, is the operations and grant coordinator at the National CAPACD, the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development in Washington DC.

Oleg Svet, A08, received a Master’s Degree graduate of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, and is currently an analyst at Strategic Social in Washington DC.

Matt Leeds lives in Philadelphia, where he is a senior associate at Irving Place Capital. Classmate Muzammil Mustufa, A04, is also based in Philadelphia, employed by GlaxoSmithKline.

New Jersey
Morgan Harper, A05, is a JD/MPA candidate at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

Eitan Hersh, A05, received his PhD. in Political Science from Harvard University. He is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University and a Resident Fellow of Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies. His teaching and research focus on elections in the United States.

North Carolina

After working for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, Vincient Booker, A09, is now a graduate student in business at Wake Forest University.

Kimberly (Boehler) Stein, A05, taught English at Tampa Bay Technical High School. She received her masters in teaching from Columbia Teachers College, and an MA in Educational Leadership. She and husband Matt Stein have a baby son named Gabe.

After serving as a teacher in the Mississippi Delta through Teach for America (TFA), Mike Conroy, A09, entered law school this fall at University of Iowa. Another Mississippi Delta TFA alumna, Kayt Norris, A07, now lives in Mumbai India, where she is a Program Manager for Teach for India. Dean Ladin, A10, currently teaches in Chicago through TFA.

Two Tisch Scholar alumni are currently students at Northwestern University School of Law. Mitch Robinson, A07, is in his third year, and Chloe Rossen, A08, is beginning her first year. Before entering law school, Mitch served as a legislative assistant to U.S. Rep. Edward Markey. Before moving to Chicago in August, Chloe served as program manager at Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston.

Audrey Sherer, A07, worked as the coordinator for elementary school outreach programs at Carnegie Hall. She is now in graduate school at Erikson Institute in Chicago for child development.

Kara Takasaki, A11, is in the masters in sociology program at University of Chicago.


Arlyn Escalante, A06, graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law>. She is currently a staff attorney for Affordable Housing Advocates.

Denisha McKenzie, A09, is in her last year of law school, as one of the inaugural class of UC Irvine School of Law, the first new public law school in California in more than 40 years. The school has a focus of public service. With another student, Denisha created the Orange County Human Rights Association and was interviewed by the law school dean>.

Sarah Ullman, A10, lives in LA and works at Paramount Pictures.

Julia S. Goldberg, A07, M08, recently became the general manager of the U.S. Section at The United States-México Border Health Commission in El Paso, Texas.

Marcelo Nosworthy, A09, is back in his home state of Texas, working as a project associate at Innovations for Poverty Action a nonprofit dedicated to discovering what works to help the world’s poor.

Jessie Chamberlin, A09, is now working at IDEO in San Francisco. A design and innovation nonprofit, IDEO brings “human-centered design to the humans who need it most — those facing poverty every day. [IDEO is] teaming up with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations to innovate solutions to the world’s most dire poverty-related challenges.”

Mau Artinano, A06,
worked at the Costa Rican Mission to the United Nations in New York during Costa Rica’s tenure on the Security Council. In May of last year he moved back to Costa Rica where he’s been working with an NGO that advises around 90 companies in Costa Rica on corporate social responsibility. Mau is in charge of corporate volunteering as well as several public-private partnerships.

Malek Al-Chalabi, E09, is currently a doctoral student at the Environmental Change Institute and Transport Studies Unit within the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford.

Sebastian Chaskel, A07, has written numerous articles on international relations. He served as an advisor at Cerrejón Foundation for Institutional Strengthening of La Guajira in Columbia, and recently began the masters in public affairs program at Princeton University.

Jeff Goldberg, A08, has been living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he has served as the Microfinance Adviser at WaterSHED-Asia.

Piyali Kundu, A10, is a graduate student in Health Economics, Policy and Law at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. She lives in Stavanger, Norway.

Adrienne van Nieuwenhuizen, A07, is a research worker at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. Previously, she worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as a research coordinator at the Depression Clinical and Research Program, and then as the research coordinator for the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.

Nikoo Paydar, A04, is the co-founder of Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB). The mission of IAAB is to strengthen the Iranian diaspora community and empower its youth.

Katherine Shelley, A09, is in Ghana working with WILDAF (Women in Law and Development in Africa), which empowers women by promoting and protecting their legal rights through legal awareness and education work. She was placed with the organization through Canadian Crossroads International.

Laura Zachary, A09, is serving in the Peace Corps in Guatemala while Alli Lawrence, A11, entered the Peace Corps in Peru this month. Follow Alli’s blog