Tisch College Staff

Tisch College is staffed by a dedicated group of professionals, all of whom have direct experience putting principles of active civic engagement into practice.

Please contact us at 617-627-3453 or activecitizen@tufts.edu with any questions about Tisch College.

Alan D. Solomont, Dean
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(617) 627-3556

Sara Allred, Scholars Program Administrator
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(617) 627-5666 | Sara.Allred@tufts.edu

Jess Bryson, Jumpstart Site Manager
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(617) 627-2324 | Jessica.Bryson@tufts.edu

Jessica Byrnes, Assistant to the Dean
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(617) 627.3556 | Jessica.Byrnes@tufts.edu

Danica Fisher, Program Administrator
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(617) 627-4845 | Danica.Fisher@tufts.edu

Surbhi Godsay, Research Analyst, CIRCLE
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(617) 627-4802 | Surbhi.Godsay@tufts.edu

Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Deputy Director, CIRCLE
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(617) 617-627-2529 | Kei.Kawashima_Ginsberg@tufts.edu

Abby Kiesa, Youth Coordinator and Researcher, CIRCLE
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(301) 405-8261 | Abby.Kiesa@tufts.edu

Peter Levine, Director of CIRCLE and Lincoln Filene Professor of Citizenship & Public Affairs
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(617) 627-2302 | Peter.Levine@tufts.edu

Shirley Mark, Director, Lincoln Filene Center for Community Partnerships
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(617) 627-3656 | Shirley.Mark@tufts.edu

Maggie McMorrow, Program Assistant
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(617) 627-3076 | Maggie.McMorrow@tufts.edu

Alberto Medina, Communications Coordinator
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(617) 627-2593 | Alberto.Medina@tufts.edu

Joanne Minassian, Manager, Administration and Finance
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(617) 627-2002 | Joanne.Minassian@tufts.edu

Mindy Nierenberg, Senior Program Manager and Director, Leadership Studies Minor
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(617) 627-4159 | Mindy.Nierenberg@tufts.edu

Kathy O’Connor, Administrative Coordinator
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(617) 627-4710 | Kathy.Oconnor@tufts.edu

Erica Satin-Hernandez, AmeriCorps*VISTA
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(617) 627-6828 | Erica.Satin-Hernandez@tufts.edu

Rebekah Scaduto, Program Coordinator, Lincoln Filene Center for Community Partnerships
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(617) 627-2811 | Rebekah.Scaduto@tufts.edu

Sarah Shugars, Communications Manager
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(617) 627-2029 | Sarah.Shugars@tufts.edu

Bettina Stevens, Administrative Director
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(617) 627.6380  |  Bettina.Stevens@tufts.edu

Felicia Sullivan, Senior Researcher, CIRCLE
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(617) 627-3077 | Felicia.Sullivan@tufts.edu

Nancy Thomas, director, Initiative for the Study of Higher Education and Public Life and Campus Counts
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