Vol 10 | No 1, January 2013

Exponential Potential

Disaster and Recovery in a Warming World

Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Center, and Dyan Mazurana, the Center’s research director for gender, youth, and community are working together at the intersections of global warming, natural disasters, and armed conflict in developing nations.

peterWalker   Dyan Mazurana

Societies in Stress

“If you can evolve fast enough to deal with stresses, you survive,” said Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Center, member of the Tisch College faculty, and professor at the Fletcher School. “If not, you don’t. We’ve known for a long time that’s true for species, and now we’ve discovered it’s true for societies as well.” more


Responding to Armed Conflicts

“Research shows that victims of serious crimes – torture, disappearance, sexual violence, direct attacks that leave significant physical and mental injuries – get knocked so far back, their recovery is inhibited even compared to other war affected populations,” said professor Dyan Mazurana. more


Learning to Exhale

Tisch Scholar Alyssa Wohlfahrt, A13, is helping elementary school students with emotional and behavior disorders reduce their stress and anxiety, and succeed at school and at home. Working with Dr. Naomi Steiner, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician at the Floating Hospital for Children and director of the Center for Mind-Body Pediatric Research at Tufts Medical Center, the Calm Breathing and Relaxation Project is helping to improve medical understanding and treatment of children with these difficulties. more


Conserving Big Cats

Lisanne Petracca, A06, is working on the leading-edge of conservation science – applying the latest in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to wildlife conservation. A geospatial analyst at Panthera, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring the future of all 37 of the world’s wild cat species, Petracca combines spatial data with field research to monitor populations of jaguars, lions, tigers, snow leopards, and other big cats. more


Exploring the Great American City

SampsonWhat shapes the character of a neighborhood? What determines whether an area has high poverty or is affluent? Can deliberate action by nonprofit groups and active citizens affect the character of a neighborhood and the welfare of its residents?

These are among the questions recently explored by Tisch College’s Faculty Fellows. In a public session which attracted sociologists, child development experts, political scientists and other Tufts faculty, the group considered how to connect disparate data to reveal a deeper picture. more

Tisch Scholars

Welcome to our Newest Tisch Scholars

Each spring, Tisch College welcomes new first years and sophomores into its flagship Tisch Scholars program. This innovative leadership program develops sophisticated civic skills over several years, supporting Tisch Scholars as leaders for civic engagement and catalysts for change on campus and with partner organizations. more


CIRCLE Announces Nonpartisan Commission to Study and Inform Policies on Youth Voting

CIRCLECIRCLE recently announced the formation of the Commission on Youth Voting & Civic Knowledge, charged with investigating under examined data – much of it collected during and immediately after the recent 2012 elections — with regard to the civic knowledge, voting behavior, and beliefs of young Americans ages 29 and under. Following a rigorous investigation, the diverse, bipartisan group of scholars and experts from across the country will release a report in the Spring of 2013 outlining their recommendations on how to strengthen both the civic knowledge and participation of young Americans. more

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