Quality healthcare is one of the most pressing issues facing our country, and Tufts students are working together to provide services to those in need.

Prevention and Access
Started by students at the School of Medicine, the Sharewood Project has provided free health care to more than 1,500 patients over the last 12 years. Ross Icyda, D11, and Hubert Park, D11, have been coordinating students from the School of Dental Medicine to provide oral health education and dental care at the Sharewood Project.

“So many patients have problems that could easily have been prevented or minimized with early interventional treatments,” Park said. “‘Access to Care’ is still one of the biggest problems in dentistry.”

With the need for affordable, accessible health care on the rise, Daniel Slate, A11, led undergraduate volunteers in an outreach effort to local community organizations, raising awareness of Sharewood’s services. Over two years, the client base grew from 5 patients a night to an astounding 30-40 patients a night. With Slate serving as president of Sharewood’s undergraduate board, nearly 300 undergraduate volunteers provided much-needed assistance with administrative duties. Recently, Sharewood student volunteers expanded the clinic’s capacity by adding two treatment rooms, improving undergraduate volunteer training and digitizing patient records.

“The Sharewood Project has given me the opportunity to develop as a leader and has defined my leadership style,” said Slate. “Because of my experiences, I plan to pursue a career in business. I believe business and society both benefit from leaders who are active citizens and who understand their responsibility extends much deeper than the bottom line.”

Supported by the Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) and the Tufts-Schweitzer Fellowship

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